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Characteristics and function of polyaluminium chloride

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Polyaluminium chloride is a kind of efficient water purifier, which can be sterilized, deodorized and decolorized. Due to outstanding characteristics and wide application range, the dosage can be reduced by more than 30% compared with the traditional water purifier and the cost can be saved by more than 40%. It has become an excellent water purifier recognized at home and abroad. In addition, PAC can also be used to purify drinking water and tap water supply and other special water quality treatment, such as in addition to iron, cadmium, fluoride, in addition to radioactive pollutants, in addition to oil slick. There are several types of polyaluminum chloride subdivision, such as polyaluminum chloride ferric, basic aluminum chloride, industrial grade polyaluminum chloride and so on belong to the polyaluminum chloride series products.

What are the performance characteristics of polyaluminum chloride?

1. Polyaluminum chloride has large molecular structure, strong adsorption capacity, less dosage and low processing cost.

2. Good solubility, high activity, large alum flower formed by condensation in water, fast sedimentation, 2 to 3 times larger purification capacity than other flocculants, and larger processing capacity than traditional products such as aluminum sulfate.

3. Strong applicability, little influence by water pH value and temperature, raw water purification to meet the national standard of quoted water, after the treatment of low content of positive and anion, is conducive to ion exchange treatment and the preparation of high water.

4, the corrosion is small, the operation is simple, can improve the labor intensity and working conditions of the dosing process.

5, consumption of water alkalinity is lower than a variety of inorganic flocculant, so do not throw or less alkali agent

6, the solubility is better than aluminum sulfate.

7. The salt content in the treated water increases less, which is conducive to ion exchange treatment and high purity water production.

8. The adaptability to the temperature of source water is better than that of inorganic flocculants such as aluminum sulfate.

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Know what polyaluminum chloride is, the following to introduce the role of polyaluminum chloride.

In the process of polyaluminum chloride dissolution, hydroxide ions release a large number of positive charge adsorption of negative charge ions in the water, the formation of flocs fast and thick, high activity, precipitation fast, to achieve the purpose of decomposition, purification of sewage, high turbidity water purification effect is obvious. Applicable to a lot of sewage, can be used in drinking water, domestic sewage, paper making, chemical industry, electroplating, printing and dyeing, breeding, mineral processing, food, medicine, rivers, lakes and other industries of sewage treatment, it plays an important role in it.

Polyaluminum chloride product use

1. Treatment of rivers, lakes and groundwater;

2. Treatment of industrial water and industrial circulating water;

3. Treatment of urban domestic water and municipal sewage;

4. Recycling waste water from coal mine scour and porcelain industry;

5. Printing plants, printing and dyeing plants, tanneries, meat processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, paper mills, coal washing, metallurgy, mining areas, and the treatment of waste water containing fluorine, oil and heavy metals;

6. Recovery of useful substances in industrial waste water and waste residue, promotion of pulverized coal settlement in coal washing wastewater, recovery of starch in starch manufacturing industry;

7. For some industrial sewage which is difficult to deal with, polyaluminum chloride (PAC) is used as the parent, mixed with other agents, and mixed into composite PAC. The treatment of sewage can get a surprising effect;

8. Anti-wrinkle of leather and cloth;

9. Cement setting and formwork casting;

10. Glycerin and sugar refining, cosmetics raw materials;

11 can do a good catalyst;

12 paper bonding.

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