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Why can carbon source fertilize water?

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First of all, we should understand that our fertilizer water is mainly fertilizer algae and fertilizer bacteria. So what's the relationship between bacteria, algae, and carbon?

1. Algae need inorganic carbon for photosynthesis, which requires fungi to decompose organic carbon and produce it. Under natural conditions, the main source of organic carbon in pond water is the photosynthesis of algae. It can be said that if there is insufficient algae, there will be insufficient carbon sources, which will also affect the growth of fungi. Then form a vicious circle. Supplementation of carbon sources on the one hand can promote the reproduction of heterobacteria, on the other hand, indirectly increase the content of inorganic carbon. Promote algal growth. In general, supplementing carbon sources is to maintain the coordination of bacteria, algae, and carbon.

2. What is the C/N ratio? It represents the proportion of the two absorbed by an organism in forming its structure. The ideal ratio of carbon to nitrogen in aquaculture water is 15 to 1. The utilization rate of feed in aquaculture is only 20 to 25 percent. This is the main source of nitrogen in the water. However, the sources of carbon sources are often used for cooperative use and forage, but often cannot meet the needs of breeding. With the increase of nitrogen sources consumed in searching, the demand for carbon sources will also increase. Once the C/N ratio of the pond is out of balance, the activity of beneficial bacteria and algae decreases. Easy to let harmful bacteria and algae form a dominant population.

In general, the purpose of supplementing carbon sources is to maintain the balance of carbon and nitrogen ratio in water and improve the vitality of beneficial bacteria and algae.

1, fish greatly energy carbon source

Yuda platform dynamic carbon source, break the traditional concept of fertilizer and water, the use of advanced fermentation technology refined from the water quality improvement products, supplement carbon source, prevent the inverted algae, enhance the resistance to stress, enhance the algal phase!

1. Rich in a large number of carbon sources: Supplish organic carbon, stabilize the balance of bacteria and algae in the water, stabilize pH, prevent water quality changes caused by abrupt change of natural atmosphere and other reasons, use phosphorus in the water to participate in photosynthesis and respiration, inhibit the generation of cyanobacteria toxin.

2, rich in a lot of amino acids: amino acids with a variety of nutrients, can be quickly absorbed and utilized by algae, promote the growth and reproduction of diatoms, chlorella and other beneficial algae, to achieve the effect of fast fertilizer;

3, rich in probiotics metabolites: can reduce ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, for the growth and reproduction of algae to provide nutrients, so that the pool water continues to maintain the effect of "fat, alive, tender, cool";

One week after putting seedlings in a three-acre shrimp pond, the water was clear enough to see the bottom. During this period, the fertilizer and water products of other companies were used, and the transparency of the water remained unchanged. With the use of the fermentation carbon source, the water was noticeably fatter, beautifully colored, and the shrimp grew well.

Why can carbon source fertilize water?(图1)

2. Three major advantages of dynamic carbon source

1, high quality raw materials, producing area direct supply, stable supply

Pharmaceutical grade carbon source yeast concentrated pulp: the local raw material base in Zhanjiang has the medical grade safety factor, more carbon source, less impurities, and nearly 100,000 tons of storage capacity. After the advanced (investment of 50 million yuan) concentration equipment, pharmaceutical grade raw materials are obtained.

At present, it is a large scale production base with no pollution, good environmental health and integrated production from raw material reserve, mixing process, fermentation process, sterilization process and packaging process in China.

2, high technical content: controllable raw materials, controllable process, clear composition, is a domestic focus on the supplement of carbon source, both change water activity of fermentation liquid carbon source.

Advanced production technology: high quality yeast raw material contains rich carbon source, and trace elements after mixing, transport

With advanced concentration equipment, obtain high active raw materials, deep fermentation automatic packaging, the whole process is controllable, not subject to

Environmental pollution, stable raw materials, product standardization.

3. Large biomass of bacteria and algae, stable and lasting water quality: slow melting, strong force, good stress resistance, can quickly promote the growth of single-celled algae, phytoplankton and beneficial bacteria.

3, the use of dynamic carbon sources

1. Daily use: 1-2 kg of this product per mu/meter of water, double the initial dosage, and make up carbon once every 7-10 days;

2, special period: according to the weather conditions, water deterioration, as appropriate to increase the dosage.

Note: use in the morning on sunny days, sprinkle the whole pool after adding water, and the effect of full oxygenation will be better.

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