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Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) comes in six colors? What's the difference?

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The polyaluminum chloride sold on the market is more complex, because each manufacturer's production process and raw materials are different, the color produced is also some different, there are generally white, light yellow, golden yellow, brown, brown, coffee color of the six colors of polyaluminum chloride, the following to explain the difference between the six different colors of different uses.

Six different types of PAC

1, white polyaluminum chloride

The new research and development of a new water purification material, specialized in food, drinking water, urban water supply, precision manufacturing water purification, paper industry, medicine, sugar liquid refining, cosmetics additives, daily chemical industry and other aspects have a very wide range of applications, purity is very high, the price is also high.

2, light yellow polyaluminum chloride

After white polyaluminium chloride high series products, mainly used for water treatment, the limitations on the content of heavy metals is stricter, especially we have the water level of polyaluminium chloride products, use it to deal with the water after the clarification no precipitation, AL2O3 content about 30 (+ / - 0.5), the fine powder and uniform particles, flocculation effect is good, purification efficiency and stable, dosing quantity is little, the cost is low, is the major long-term cooperation of waterworks dedicated flocculant in water treatment.

3, golden polyaluminum chloride

Polyaluminum chloride is widely used in the market at present. It is a highly efficient flocculant for sewage treatment. The flocculation effect is good, so it is a good choice for industrial water supply, industrial wastewater, industrial water circulation and urban sewage treatment.

Polyaluminum chloride (PAC) comes in six colors? Whats the difference?(图1)

4, brown, brown, coffee color polyaluminum chloride

Water treatment products are produced according to the special requirements of individual customers for water treatment. The iron content is higher than that of other polyaluminum chloride product series, so the color is darker and golden. For low temperature, low turbidity, high algae sewage has a strong effect, mainly used for drinking water, urban water supply, industrial water supply purification and other aspects of treatment.

Operational storage considerations

1. In operation, the water purification process of polyaluminum chloride is generally divided into three stages. These three stages are coagulation stage, flocculation stage and sedimentation stage. In the coagulation stage, when the liquid is injected into the coagulant container and the raw water is rapidly coagulated, fine alum flowers will form in a very short time. At this time, the water becomes more turbified, which requires the water flow to produce intense turbulence. Then PAC enters the flocculation stage, and the flocculation stage is the process of alum blossom growing and coarsing, which requires appropriate turbulence degree and sufficient residence time (10-15min). At the later stage, a large number of alum blossom can be observed to gather and slowly sink, forming a clear surface layer.

When flocculant sedimentation stage, it was conducted in the sedimentation pond flocculating settling process, demand flow is slow, in order to improve efficiency generally USES inclined tube or plate settler, a large number of bulky alum flowers inclined tube (plate) wall block and deposit on the bottom, the upper water for clarification, the rest of the small particle size and density of small alum flowers side slowly down, large side continue to collide with each other, the late to residual turbidity basically remain unchanged.

2, PAC must be stored in a dry, moisture-proof, heat-proof place (<80℃ do not damage the packaging, the product can be stored for a long time).

3. Polyaluminum chloride products must be dissolved before use. Dissolving equipment and dosing facilities should be made of corrosion-resistant materials.

4, the effective storage period of the liquid product of polyaluminum chloride is half a year, the effective storage period of the solid product is two years, the solid product can still be used after damp.

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