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The dosage of polyaluminium chloride in different water quality

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Do you know how to decide the dosage of polyaluminum chloride in different water quality? As the temperature gradually rose, the polyaluminium chloride market also began to warm up gradually. Recently there are customers to consult different content of polyaluminum chloride when the use of the dosage of how to master? General polyaluminium chloride products are divided into drinking water level and sewage treatment level.

First, in low turbidity water, the ratio of water and polyaluminum chloride is generally 4:1 to add, and then add tap water to dilute, and stir until completely dissolved.

Two, in the domestic sewage, refer to each ton of sewage to add about 30Kg of polyaluminum chloride products. If used with polyacrylamide products, the effect will be better.

Three, in the industrial sewage treatment, the use of low turbidity water into the proportion of configuration, as far as possible to choose high content of polyaluminum chloride products.

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The purpose of PAC coagulation process is to change the existence and state of suspended solids such as clay and bacteria in the water, so as to facilitate the filtration and removal of subsequent processes. Because of the quartz sand filtering tank filter net of tiny impurities ability is limited, in the swimming pool, there are many tiny dirt are only a few microns to 10 microns in diameter and human activities the secretion of sweat, grease, cosmetics, and microorganisms, such as organic matter can cause water quality turbidity, only use the method of mechanical filter is difficult to remove. So, in order to increase the filtering effect, generally need to circulating water cic with polyaluminium chloride, polyaluminium chloride in water by ionization effects chemical hydrolysis and colloid formation, and then through the role of the compressed double electric layer colloid, adsorption electrical neutralization and adsorption bridging functions and settling out the trap effect and the colloidal impurities and organic matter in water to form larger particles, through the quartz sand filter to remove filtering tank.

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