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Performance and preservation of polyaluminium chloride in practical use

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Polyaluminium chloride has good adsorption and coagulation effect in practice. By the majority of users favor, compared with the old generation of water purification materials, polyaluminum chloride has good purification effect, low cost advantages, become the water purification industry leader.

The reaction process of polyaluminum chloride in sewage is divided into three stages: coagulation, flocculation, precipitation. Coagulation stage is to let the agent and sewage intense collision, better let the agent contact sewage.

The flocculation stage is the reaction between the agent and the organic and inorganic substances in the sewage, which is the process of alum flower becoming larger and denser. At this time, the residence time is required to be about 15min, and then the change process of alum flower is observed.

To the settlement stage, is to sewage in the sedimentation tank or sewage storage tank settlement process, at this time the formation of alum will quickly sink, to achieve the effect of water and slag separation.

Performance and preservation of polyaluminium chloride in practical use(图1)

A little common sense in the storage of polyaluminum chloride:

1 the validity period of polyaluminum chloride is 2 years, after damp caking can be used, the use of the need to break the caking, otherwise it will affect the dissolution effect.

2 polyaluminium chloride in use to use pure water or tap water dilution, the dissolution equipment to use corrosion resistant materials.

Polyaluminium chloride should be stored in a dry, moisture-proof and light-proof place.

When using, we must consult the polyaluminum chloride manufacturer, and pay attention to the matters in use to avoid causing unnecessary losses to ourselves.

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